Research – Year 2011

Research - Year 2011

  1. Prospective Double-blinded Randomised Study of role of Isolytic Contraction and Passive Manual Stretching to gain Knee Motion after hip surgery.
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  1. Participation and participation restrictions in a Teenager with Down’s syndrome: an Indian Scenario
    Bhalerao G, Chitnis B. network on the net Adults with congenital Disabilities 2011;18(6)
  1. Comparative study of Mulligan’s vs. Maitland’s mobilization technique in adhesive Capsulitis of shoulder joint.
    Shrivastav A, Sabnis S, Shyam A, Sancheti P. Indian Journal of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. 2011;5(4):12-15
  1. Correlation between core strength and breath holding time in normal young adults.
    Nagarwala R, Dhotre P, Gelani I.  Journal of orthopedic and rehabilitation. 2011;1(1);75-78