Mckenzie Event at Sancheti Hospital & Sancheti Healthcare Academy
A discussion on McKenzie method of treating back, neck and joint pain was organized on 15 of July 2017, at Sancheti Hospital. McKenzie is an internationally well researched method used to evaluate and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders of spine and extremities.
It was great honor to welcome Dr Asha Menon PT, Dip MDT from Mumbai, who facilitated the discussion. She is a faculty member of McKenzie Institute International, New Zealand, the Executive Director of McKenzie Institute India and also is the chief clinical principle of the only McKenzie Certified Clinic in India at Bharatiya Arogya Nidhi Hospital in Mumbai.
Dr Menon explained the concepts of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy commonly known as “McKenzie” with numerable validations from publications and data collected from patients worldwide. 74% of mechanical spinal disorders can give a directional preference, and the outcomes are known to be better, when directional preference exercise is utilised to manage patients. Evidences suggest the same in mechanical disorders of the joints. McKenzie utilizes detailed evidence based evaluation formats and then formulates precise exercise programs for effective pain relief, with focus on patient empowerment and self management, thus including prophylaxis. 
Sancheti hospital has McKenzie Certified clinicians who helped organize the event. McKenzie certified clinicians at Sancheti have been using the McKenzie approach to effectively treat back, neck and other joint pain.
The event was greatly appreciated by our doctors and students. Some feedback and highlights of the day are attached.”

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