Duration of Fellowship

August 2019 to July 2020
Mon to Sat 9am to 5:00pm

Instructor: MultiDisciplinary Faculty
Months 12 modules 4

Sancheti Healthcare Academy and SNEH are proud to present, first of a kind Fellowship Program in Pediatric Rehabilitation in India.


The fellowship in a pediatric rehabilitation program is a post-professional clinical and didactic education program designed to significantly advance the therapist’s preparation as an advanced practitioner in the field of pediatric rehabilitation.


The program combines opportunities for classroom teaching with ongoing clinical mentoring with a scientific basis for advanced practice. At the end of the experience, the fellow will be proficient academically and clinically in pediatric rehabilitation.


This one-year program is an intensive and focused program to support your professional growth in the field of developmental paediatrics.

Highlights of the Program

  1. Stimulating learning environment on the campus of Sancheti Healthcare Academy and its outpatient setups

  2. Experts to take you through the recent advances in the field of pediatric therapy in neuro-disability and orthopaedic rehabilitation.

  3. Interactive didactic and practical hands-on learning experience by experts in the field of pediatric rehabilitation

  4. Faculty interaction and guidance at all levels to promote the exchange of ideas

  5. Establish a global network of visibility and interaction with International Faculty

  6. Provide a platform for better career prospects in the field of  pediatric rehabilitation

  7. Patient population 0-18 years, from Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to Adolescence to Young Adult

  8. Curriculum will focus on foundational sciences in pediatrics, in-depth assessment skills, and treatment in the fields of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.


Candidates should have completed a program of Bachelor’s  / Master’s of Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech Therapy and Language Pathology.

Who can join?

Candidates interested in pediatric rehabilitation in the fields of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

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