Ergonomic Session Taken at FIAT Company

Occupational Health Month at Fiat

Fiat India Automobiles Ltd. had dedicated the month of July as ‘Occupational Health Month’. On 28th July 2017, a team of 2 doctors Dr. Ashish Yadav (M.S.Ortho) and Dr. Hiba Memon (PT) from Sancheti Hospital were invited to edify and create awareness about the same. There were approximately 70 employees which comprised of both white and blue collared namely desk job workers and  line workers.

The session commenced with a talk by Dr. Ashish Yadav on the topic- musculoskeletal  disorders amongst industrial workers where he addressed various problems such as neck pain, low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. faced by the employees during their work tenure. He also highlighted the need to seek medical assistance as and when needed. The second session was taken up by Dr.Hiba Memon on the occupational ergonomics which encompassed correct posture to be adapted at work, use of right instruments along with exercise demonstration, which was mimicked by the entire audience. She laid emphasis on the need for implementing these exercises as a part of their work culture.

Both the sessions were followed by interaction with the audience. There was an exchange of dialogue related to their daily life scenarios.  The session was ended with lot of appreciation and promising response of implementing ergonomic analysis followed by a round of commended applaud from the staff of FIAT.



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