Fellowship in Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Modules description

Fellowship Program Module


The Fellowship program is a full time 3-month program with approximately 300 hours of clinical practice and more than 200 hours of individual mentored program with highly trained physiotherapists, surgeons/resident doctors, and other professionals.

The program includes didactic as well as clinical practice integrated to give an all-round training, in not just patient care, but also administrative duties necessary in running a physiotherapy/rehab department. Curriculum content and other directed learning activities will include, attending the orthopedic OPDs, imparting supervised patient care in the IPD as well as the PT OPD, and gaining specific knowledge in the respective fields of Plasty/Trauma/Spine from eminent academic staff.

The fellow will have to make a formal presentation of a case study/report in the last week of the program in order to be eligible for the certification. The fellow will also have to submit a manuscript of the case study/report for later publication. The formal presentation of the case study/report and manuscipt submission is designed to assess the learning effects during the entire period of the program.


Selected candidates will be able to choose from two available modules described in detail below. The Fellow will be primarily posted to the respective super-speciality Unit on a full-time basis for the duration of the chosen Module. Fellows will also attend didactic training  at least once a week at SHA (Sancheti Healthcare Academy.)

This didactic training will include individually mentored classroom/personal mentoring lectures designed and conducted by highly trained physiotherapists/academicians. This classroom/personal mentoring will include topics on department administration
(such as importance of conducting employee performance reviews, maintaining strict standards of employee productivity, using patient feedback to enhance quality.)


The Fellowship programme consists of two modules.
Fellows choosing either of the modules will automatically be attending Grand Rounds, rounds with surgeons of the respective Units, and classroom/personal mentoring at least once a week.
The Fellows will also attend Orthopedic OPDs at least once per week, after the second week.

The Fellow/Resident will be able to choose from one of the following two modules

Module A (General Orthopedics)

This module comprises of clinical work in
all three super-specialties of Sancheti Hospitals, viz. Trauma, Plasty and Spine.

The Fellow will be posted to every one of these
three specialties for approximately one month each.

Eligibility: Both, Master’s degree holders and
Bachelor’s degree holders may apply to this module.

Module B (Speciality)

This module comprises of clinical practice in the super-speciality of Arthroplasty, for the entire duration of the Fellowship programme:

Plasty –
The Plasty Units are divided into the Hip Unit and the Knee Unit. Patients admitted to each of these units are candidates for elective surgeries such as THR, and TKR, respectively. The patients needing ligament re-construction surgeries (arthroscopic) are also admitted under the Knee Unit.

Eligibility: Only Master’s degree holders are eligible for applying for this module.


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