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Sancheti Healthcare Academy (SHA)

Today’s Healthcare Industry is one of the most complex, dynamic and fastest growing industries in the world, which in turn has fueled the demand for Leaders with both business acumen and exceptional insight into complexities of this industry. Equally critical is the need for creative new approaches to improve patient’s outcomes, access to care, and cost management strategies etc .Hence we have placed the priority on applying the best principles of management, entrepreneurship, &innovation to reshape this industry with launching the Post Graduate Program for Healthcare Services.

I am sure this program will shape your career and complement to the Institute’s vision of “Transforming the Health Care industry to a new level of excellence”, with ethics and a spirit of service, and will provide the industry with great leaders & entrepreneurs of future.

I Invite you to take the next Step in your Professional Life with a Post Graduate Program –Healthcare Services (PGP – HS) from Prestigious “Sancheti Healthcare Academy” (SHA)


Sancheti Group

The Sancheti Group owes its existence to the incisive vision of Dr. Kantilal H. Sancheti, who heralded dedicated Orthopaedic medicine in Pune. His caring yet professional approach has ensured that a wide variety of cost effective services and solutions are available to all, under one wide umbrella and one management – for the past four decades!

Broadly, the Sancheti Group consists of three functional wings –

Sancheti Institute of Orthopedic and Rehabilitation (SIOR)

Sancheti Hospital for SpecialIsed Surgery (SHSS)

Sancheti Healthcare Academy (SHA)

Sancheti Institute of Orthopedic and Rehabilitation (SIOR)

From just a modest 10 bed hospital in 1972, Dr. Sancheti went on to create the SIOR. The flagship of the group, SIOR today is a 200 bed, dedicated Orthopaedic hospital. SIOR is one of the largest private Orthopaedic specialty hospital anywhere in the South East Asia.

The hospital offers highly specialized yet affordable services in 14 distinct areas of Orthopaedic medicine and the related fields. These include, Joint Replacement, Traumatology, Spinal Surgery, Pediatrics Orthopaedics, Arthroscopy and Sports Injuries, Hand, Plastic Surgery and more.

SIOR is committed to follow the highest level of ethical standards in patient care, clinical research, education and administrative management. In the future, the hospital aims to continue in its tradition of leadership through innovation, research and development. This mission is ably supported by a team of highly specialized consultants that are recognized nationally and internationally for their expertise and experience.

SIOR is also an educational centre of repute with affiliations to major medical colleges and other institutions. As a teaching hospital, SIOR exposes its students to a wide variety of medical conditions and innovative treatment solutions to enrich their work experience. A continuous process of review ensures that the appropriate technologies and new medical processes from across the world are available in the hospital.

To know more : www.sanchetihospital.org

Sancheti Hospital for Specialised Surgery (SHSS)

The only one of its kind in the country, Sancheti Hospital for Specialized Surgery is an ultramodern 50 bed dedicated joint replacement unit that conducts replacement surgeries for the knee, hip, shoulder, ankle and elbow. The Sancheti Hospital for Specialized Surgery is an extension of Dr. Sancheti’s vision to offer world class facilities at an affordable price.

A specially designed complex of 4 operating theaters that incorporate advanced processes, such as laminar air flows to provide a highly sterile environment. This is essential to avoid post surgery infections. Availability of computer assisted joint-replacement surgery has substantially increased accuracy of the surgery, reduced trauma and speeded up the recovery of the patient.

Around 2005, Dr. K. H. Sancheti developed India’s first indigenous implant – the “INDUS Knee.” This met the needs of the Indian patients who could not afford the cost of the imported parts. Apart from the low cost, INDUS Knee also has high flexibility that is suitable for an Indian lifestyle. The SHSS routinely performs replacement operations using the INDUS knee.

Sancheti Hospital for Specialized Surgery also assists patients with severe hip pain or hip arthritis that can often only be treated through hip replacement surgery. The centre is well equipped to conduct Total Hip Replacement surgery with special importance given to analysis, treatment procedure and use of sophisticated medical equipment.

To know more : www.sanchetihospitalspecialisedsurgeries.com

Sancheti Healthcare Academy (SHA)

SHA was created as a dedicated centre of teaching healthcare management, hospital management and physiotherapy. Teaching and spreading of knowledge are fundamental values to the Sancheti group and SHA amply reflects this belief. An optimal blend of theory and practical prepares the students to meet the present and future requirement of the healthcare professional.

SHA offers the best of the experienced faculty with wide industry exposure and world class infrastructure. This includes of state of the art classrooms, well equipped laboratories, a vast library and more. As an integral part of the Sancheti group, SHA students do their internship in the various hospitals, thus get trained in real life situations.

This Post Graduate Programme in Healthcare Services is created and recognized by the industry, in areas of Hospital Management, Insurance, Pharma, Diagnostics, and more. Practical training, case studies and industry visits across Hospitals and other Healthcare Sectors form an important feature of the course.

  • Sancheti Healthcare Academy (SANCHETI HEALTHCARE ACADEMY) has formed an Industry Consortium (formal collaboration with some of the experts in the Industry. These partners ensure curriculum guidance, and practical training opportunities in the healthcare industry, thereby ensuring a career head start for aspiring students.
  • SANCHETI HEALTHCARE ACADEMY focuses on sculpting confident professionals to compete with the fast pace of the Industry.