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Today’s Healthcare Industry is one of the most complex, dynamic and fastest growing industries in the world, which in turn has fueled the demand for Leaders with both business acumen and exceptional insight into complexities of this industry.

Equally critical is the need for creative new approaches to improve patient’s outcomes, access to care, and cost management strategies etc .Hence we have placed the priority on applying the best principles of management, entrepreneurship, &innovation to reshape this industry with launching the Post Graduate Program for Healthcare Services.



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Why Sancheti Healthcare Academy?

Sancheti Healthcare Academy (SHA) is a dedicated centre for imparting knowledge in healthcare management, hospital management and physiotherapy. SHA offers the best of experienced faculty with wide industry exposure, along with world class infrastructure such as state-of-the-art classrooms, well equipped laboratories, a vast library and much more. As an integral part of the Sancheti Group, SHA offers its students the opportunity to do their internship across various hospitals and thus impart training under real life situations.

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Workshop on Clinical Neurodynamics- Organised by Sancheti Healthcare Academy
Sancheti Healthcare Academy organized 4 days workshop on Clinical Neurodynamics from 31st January to 3rd February 2019 by Dr. Kiran […]
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Avishkar 2018
AVISHKAR 2018- Student of Sancheti Institute College of Physiotherapy, Pune Won 2nd Prize
AVISHKAR 2018 Shubhankar Sukumar Mahapure, a student of our Sancheti Institute College of Physiotherapy, Pune won the 2nd prize at […]
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Prestigious Faculty

Dr. Razia Nagarwala
Dr. Raziya Nagarwala
Professor and Head of Cardio respiratory physiotherapy Department
Dr. Raziya Nagarwala (PT) MPT Cardio-Pulmonary Sciences M.P.T. (Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Sciences) Professor and Head of department Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Sciences MPT from Rajiv Gandhi University of health science, Karnataka B.Sc. (PT) from Mumbai University Experience Working at Sancheti Institute College of physiotherapy from 1996. Recognized PG guide from 2006 by MUHS Recognized PG guide from 2004 by Pune University Work as clinical physio therapist at Ruby hall hospital, Pune Breahcandy hospital, Mumbai Kuwait Government hospital K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai   Publications 1) Correlation between core strength and breath holding time in normal young adults Razia Nagarwala, Prarthana Dhotre, Isha Gelani. Journal of orthopedic and rehabilitation 2011, 75-78 2) Effects of Pranayama on Bronchial Asthma Jayesh Parmar , Razia Nagarwala International Journal of Physiology, Vol 2, No 1 (2014), Pagination: 96-101 3) Comparison of Vascular Doppler and Sphygmomanometer for Measurement of Ankle-Brachial Index Vidhani N D, Nagarwala R M, Jalan N S, Rairikar S A, Shyam A K, Sancheti P K IJPOT, vol 8 No.3 July – sept  2014;17 – 19   4) Correlation of Transverses Abdomonis Strength and Endurance with Pulmonary Functions in Healthy Adults Gotmare Neha, Nagarwala Raziya, Ghodke Aditi, Rairikar Savita, Shyam Ashok, Sancheti Parag IJPOT– Volume : 8, Issue : 4  Oct – Dec 2014; 77 – 81 5) A comparative study of supine lying, side lying and prone positioning on oxygen saturation, in mechanically ventilated patients, in acute respiratory failure Prajakta S. Patil, Raziya Nagarwala.  Int J Res Med Sci. 2015; 3(7): 1627-31 6) Comparison between effect of pursed lip breathing and mouth taping on dyspnoea: a cross sectional study Gaurav Maind PT, Raziya Nagarwala PT, Seemi Retharekar PT, Supriya Gondane PT, Nilima Bedekar PT, Ashok Shyam, Parag Sancheti. IJCRR,  2015, Volume: 7, 1617-21 7) ‘Effect of Shavasana in Post CABG Surgery Patients During Phase I of Cardiac Rehabilitation’,   Aditi Ghodke, Raziya Nagarwala Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research; March 2016: Vol.-5, Issue- 2, P. 225-232 IJBAMR 8)  Effects of facial cooling by ice application in management of dyspnoea  Raziya Nagarwala, Nithya Menon    Accepted by IJPOT

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